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Revolutionising E-Bike Security – CycleTrac to launch at National Cycling Show

From the hugely experienced team behind some of the most effective automotive security tracking products on the market, comes the launch of an all-new dedicated E-Bike tracking device – CycleTrac.

Taking decades of experience and know-how from parent company AllTrac’s automotive product portfolio, CycleTrac is the first of its kind in the E-Bike industry, offering a truly dedicated device to help protect E-Bike owners against theft, thanks to the device’s multi-tier technology.

Available for fitment on a vast range of E-Bikes, CycleTrac features GPS, GPRS, 4G and crucially, RF (Radio Frequency) technology, offering a rich feature-set that is designed to combat virtually any stolen bike scenario.

The firm’s Pasq Bianchi, commented, “First and foremost, CycleTrac is 100% developed specifically from the ground up for E-bike use. Unlike many other devices on the market, where existing products have been adapted, CycleTrac has undergone several years of development, working in parallel with our automotive products, to utilise the very best technology but in the unique application that only an E-Bike requires.

“Thanks to the decades of experience our team have both in device development and in on-the-ground recoveries, we’ve been able to bring what we believe is truly a first to E-Bike security, offering owners the first real solution. While other solutions can offer relatively primitive technology, CycleTrac has combined the very best, as well as Radio Frequency, which allows stolen E-Bikes to be pinpointed down to less than one metre, something police and authorities take seriously”.

As well as providing security alerts for unlawful movement, via text, email and phone call, all active subscribers have full Secure Operating Centre backup with 24/7 support in the event of a theft.

CycleTrac is currently available for fitment to E-Bikes with the following mid mount electric motors: Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha.

For more information on CycleTrac, its technology and pricing plans, visit www.cycletrac.co.uk

About the AllTrac Group:

AllTrac Group, initially known for its lead product, BikeTrac, dates back to 2009, where the team developed and honed its automotive tracking experience within the two-wheel industry, where theft was becoming a huge issue. Working closely with the authorities, BikeTrac changed the face of two-wheel recoveries, thanks to its multi-tier technology that meant a stolen bike could be pinpointed down to less than one-metre, police forces quickly realised that if a reported stolen bike was equipped with BikeTrac, they were virtually sure of a successful recovery outcome. Thanks to this, search warrants became much easier to acquire and so BikeTrac’s recovery rate rocketed, a rate that is still more than 94% today. Thanks to this knowledge gained in the tricky world of scooters and motorcycles, AllTrac expanded into farm machinery with ATVTrac, including the arborist industry, while also offering its AutoTrac automotive product too. The group currently boasts more that £15m worth of recoveries.