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Gail Wilkinson

With over 20 years’ experience of coaching strength and conditioning, competing at all triathlon distances and enjoying long bike rides for fun; Gail brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to her teaching. For decades she has personally trained clients in Olympic lifting for sports performance, focussed on postural alignment and our capacity to move and get the best from our body, as well as preparation and rehabilitation for clients undergoing surgery.

As an age-grouper, Gail has competed at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships, the Ironman Middle Distance Championships and the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Understanding the requirements of needed to fuel, strengthen and rest our bodies for endurance sport influences her teaching style that is evident in her thoughtfully created yoga classes.

Gail has taught her specially developed ‘Yoga for Athletes’ classes at training camps and cycling clubs for novice and professional athletes around the world. She will be talking to The National Cycling Show about how yoga can influence your capacity to continue to do the exercise you love, by taking a little time to stretch and listen to what your body needs.