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Nero – Classic

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National Cycling Show 2024 (C20)

The Nero range are our best-selling entry level bikes, super dependable, sturdy and simple.

All Neros are built around a highly durable diamond-form frame with our signature Deep-V wheelset.  The strong but pliable high tensile steel frame is able to absorb the bumps and lumps of our city roads making for a comfortable ride and the simple componentry is virtually maintenance free save for a wash and a spot of oil from time to time.

All Neros are built with a ‘flip-flop’ hub fitted with a fixed-gear sprocket on one side and a single speed freewheel on the other so you can choose between riding fixie or a simple single speed.  The 44/16 gear ratio provides a great balance between acceleration and top-speed and is perfect for city riding.

Comfortable, reliable and robust, the Nero is the perfect city bike. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews through the link below.


Comes fitted with mounts for a rack, bottle holder and mudguards which can all be ordered separately from our wide range of accessories.  All Quella bikes are supplied with brakes and pedals.