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Wayne Francis

Founder of Together we Ride, I love to cycle. I started in May 2020, motivated by my slipping mental health and weight gain, I decided to start cycling to add value to my life. Going out, seeing new places and exploring during the pandemic helped me release the feelings of stress and pressure. Realising this, I knew I had to share the experience with others from my community.

I struggled to feel at home within the bounds of standard cycling clubs, especially as a novice, so after trying out a few that didn’t fit well, I created Together We Ride (TWR).

I believed in creating a mixed ability cycling group that sometimes, breaks all the standard cycling rules in order to be inclusive and encourage a variety of people to participate. I am a caring and generous soul and embed this in the ethos of the group.

Together We Ride (TWR) is a community-based project founded with the aim of increasing the health and wellbeing of people within the community through cycling.

Cycling can help people in their everyday lives to commute, for recreation, shopping, or to access health services. And it’s well documented that cycling plays a positive impact on our physical and mental health.

Through our initiatives, we want to make cycling more attractive and accessible to everyone.