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Vedangi Kulkarni

Vedangi Kulkarni was born and raised in India and currently lives in the Scottish Highlands. She’s an adventurer, endurance athlete, writer, and event/project manager. She runs a business called the Adventure Shed through which she helps plan and manage expeditions for people. She loves organising mountain biking and bikepacking events. She’s no stranger to managing a million projects simultaneously. In 2018, she rode 29,000km around the world in 160 days, mostly solo and unsupported, at the age of 19/20, becoming the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe on bike. She’s always keen for an adventure, be it cold water swimming, long distance hiking or cycling, climbing, mountain biking, skiing or travelling through remote places. On her most recent expedition, she skied across Svalbard. Her happy place is anywhere outside, in the wild, and on the move. She tells stories from her adventures both digitally (through her social media channels) and through in-person events. When she isn’t out and about, you can find her reading non-fiction books or writing something in one of her million Moleskine notebooks.