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Ryan Drayton

Ryan is a biker, mechanic and MTB coach from the south coast who has been travelling to the French Alps since 2013 to ride downhill and race events such as the Megavalanche and Mountain of Hell. In 2020 Ryan had a riding accident when training in the Uk, which inevitably resulted in him becoming an amputee 18 months later. Professionals told him he’d likely never ride to the same level again and he should prepare for a slower pace of life. Just 10 months after surgery Ryan took himself back to the Alps and completed in the downhill races, out qualifying many other riders. Ryan has made it his mission to spread awareness and inspire riders from all walks of life to experience the freedom and joys of cycling, especially in the big mountains. Ryan is working with manufacturers to create refined prosthetics and pedal interfaces which will allow everyone in the amputee cycling community to ride without limitations and pushes to see elite level racing emerge into the Paralympics one day.