22–23 Mar 2025 246 days to go! #CyclingShow

Michael Callaghan

Back in December 1992 at the age of 7 I received my first bike for Christmas and I was hooked. As I grew up I became more aware of the mechanical side of cycling and from the age of 12, I started fixing and maintaining my own bikes. So for over three decades, I have been riding bikes sometimes competitively. Using my bike as means of transport for most of my life kept me in tune with my skills and in lockdown, I was able to totally rekindle my love of cycling but this time I included my family. It was due to this time spent teaching my children how to ride on the road with due care and attention I decided to pursue a career as a cycling instructor. So I retrained and now I teach and inspire new riders every day of the week. During training, I decided I was going to start a website and blog business with the view to starting cycling clubs and building community areas that can help the future champions of the sport flourish, giving back what I can and committing my life to cycling!