22–23 Mar 2025 246 days to go! #CyclingShow


My name is Maz and I like bikes! Obvious right? So …. I started road biking about 10 years ago and have slowly become more and more passionate about riding over that period. To the point now where I own 5 bikes and ride almost everyday…. Perhaps I like bikes a little too much!

With riding, I love how you can do it in so many ways depending on your mood and your vibe… you can go hard or you can float around….you can go solo or out with friends. You can have firm training goals or you can just get out and clear the head and move your body! I honestly believe riding can be for everyone… you just have to try and find the type of riding that works for you.

Alongside riding my bike, I also love to take pictures of it and try and capture the mood of my rides and share that with people. There is so much beauty that can be seen when you get out for a ride…. It’s a shame not to share it. I started up my @biking_maz Instagram account so I could share some of my journey but I can’t believe how much more I have gain through joining the online biking community. I am inspired every day by others whether that be racing achievements, amazing bike photography or seeing someone document their first bike packing adventure or fitness journey. I am always happy to share what I have learnt along the way and to learn from others!

Outside of riding I work as a Physiotherapist, teach Pilates, do aerial acrobatics and enjoy spending as much time as possible with my gorgeous doggos Molly and Flo!