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Chris O’Brien

Chris O’Brien Managing Director of Nevis Range, was hand reared in Scotland!

Under Chris’s strategic vision, Nevis Range has become a beacon for mountain biking enthusiasts worldwide. His focus extends beyond mountain biking trails – it’s an all-encompassing approach that includes outdoor adventure sports, professional coaching, world-class events, and the latest in technology and equipment. His mission, supported by his dedicated team, is to introduce everyone to the exhilaration of mountain sports!

Chris’s commitment to the evolution of mountain biking is clear in every facet of Nevis Range’s offering. From building cutting-edge training facilities to establishing partnerships with international brands, and even overseeing the expansion into hospitality with a brand-new hotel, Chris is relentlessly focused on enhancing every aspect of the Nevis Range experience.

Under his stewardship, Nevis Range is not just a mountain resort, but an all-inclusive adventure destination with a bike shop, bike school, cocktail bars, and even a state-of-the-art training facility. These developments, coupled with hosting world-renowned events like the MTB World Championships, MTB World Cup, MacAvalanche, and ’10 Under the Ben’, are a testament to Chris’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and thriving mountain biking culture.