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Your first stop for mechanical instruction and advice, The Bike Clinic will be open across the weekend of the National Cycling Show.

The Spokes People team, headed up by master mechanic and Cytech instructor and assessors Lee Niven and Darren Hyland, will deliver workshops and sessions for both experienced cyclists and first time tyre changes.

Some sessions will take the form of hands on workshops, where the Spokes People team will run through Cytech accredited practice and advice for you to take back to your garage. Other sessions will feature seminars, workshops, brand-specific demos and ask-anything sessions with professional cyclists, trainers and mechanics.

We are busy at work putting together this comprehensive schedule, so be sure to look back at this page for updates and bookable opportunities.

Topics covered will include:

An introduction to Wheel Truing

This session will provide you with the essential skills needed to true your wheels and keep your bike running smoothly.

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to identify common wheel problems, such as wobbling and misalignment, and how to fix them using basic tools such as a spoke wrench and a truing stand. You will also learn how to replace broken or damaged spokes and how to properly tension and true a wheel.


Emergency on the road fixes

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to identify and diagnose different types of punctures, how to remove and install a tire, how to use a tire lever, and how to properly inflate a tire. We will also cover essential tools and equipment needed for emergency repairs, such as spare tubes and patch kits.


Gear set up 101

Learn how to identify common gear issues, such as slipping or skipping gears, and how to properly adjust cable tension, limit screws, and derailleur position to fix them. You will also learn how to diagnose more complex gear issues, such as bent derailleur hangers, and how to replace damaged parts.


Intermediate wheel truing

In this session, you will learn how to identify and address complex wheel problems, such as spoke tension imbalances, lateral and radial runout, and centering. You will also explore more advanced techniques for using a truing stand and spoke tension meter, and learn how to achieve optimal spoke tension and wheel balance.

This workshop is ideal for cyclists who are looking to take their wheel truing skills to the next level and are comfortable working with advanced tools and equipment. It is recommended that participants have some prior experience with wheel truing or have completed a basic wheel truing workshop.