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To say this brand has been a lifetime in the making is no exaggeration, Dan built his first bike in 1992 when he was just 10 years old.

As youngsters coming through the ranks of BMX and downhill and later as professional racers Dan, Gee and Rachel dreamt of pushing bike development as hard as they pushed their riding. Our lead engineers and designers spent their days at the forefront of F1 and aerospace technology and their evenings and weekends shredding or filling notebooks and beer mats with ideas that would change the game.

Over 15 years ago the Athertons started their own race-team with Dan Brown as the 4th director. Their objective was to push the boundaries of mountain-biking on the track and through unique events and ground breaking edits. It’s always been about doing things their own way, doing things better than ever before. Dan Brown now takes the helm at Atherton Bikes; he brings his experience of 15 years of unparalleled success on the World Cup circuit and ensures that the drive for innovation and progression stay right to the fore of the new company.

Whatever your skill-level or preferred riding style we believe that a high quality, correctly fitted bike that delivers a stable and composed ride is key to an awesome riding experience and to your progression as a rider. Our first customers all feel the same way – “I feel more confident and I ride faster” and “You ride better on this bike.”

The riders who’ve bought our first Atherton Bikes share our aspirations for constant improvement, for being the very best they can be. They’ve become part of our extended family, we hope you’ll join us.

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