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Atherton – A.150

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National Cycling Show 2024 (B40)

When it came to spec’ing our A.150.1 Enduro bike only the very best was good enough. Capable and versatile, with 29” wheels and 150mm of rear travel this bike is an absolute beast. Our choice of Enduro components prioritises lightweight with no compromise on strength and reliability.

Our Enduro bike is full of character and hits the perfect balance between a composed ride and playful fun. Pick a point at the bottom of the trail and it will cover the ground as quickly and efficiently as you could wish for. It’s super nimble so you’ll have the most possible fun on your way down.

Not only does this bike love to descend, it feels great when you’re out of the saddle sprinting and makes you feel awesome on a climb, there’s plenty of support and very little feedback when the power is laid down. Our carbon tubing is custom built for us to achieve the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance so whether its climbing or descending this bike achieves great traction and a totally mind-blowing feel of what’s going on down at the ground.