About the event

The National Cycling Show is built on 3 strategic pillars:


  • A range of products and brands for consumers to purchase to suit all budgets and disciplines
  • Brands partnering with retail to boost at show bike / accessory sales
  • A very clear marketing message that the show exists as an immersive retail experience


  • We have priced the tickets & built the event’s budget to not be reliant on ticket revenue, this means we are able to offer a high volume of complimentary tickets to lower & remove barriers to entry
  • The show is located in Birmingham making it more accessible for more of the UK’s population
  • The show includes all levels of products and bike brands from entry to elite


  • Attendees discover all the latest brands & products
  • We promote the array of benefits that being a cyclist, at any level, has to offer
  • Becoming a better cyclist, in whatever way ‘better’ means to each of our visitors. This could be faster, safer or more proficient
  • Working with the brands that work with us, we broadcast athletes stories, tales of endurance and inspirational content to motivate our visitors

About the organisers

Raccoon Events is an exciting and dynamic UK events business run by a group of exhibition and digital marketing experts. The team at Raccoon Events is small but has a wealth of event experience – collectively over 80 years of organising exhibitions and conferences in key locations all over the world. Other events within their portfolio include the National Running Show, the National Snow Show and the National Outdoor Expo.


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