Chamois Butt’r

​Paceline Products started life in 1993 to develop and market a skin lubricant and synthetic chamois conditioner. The initial goal of the company was to make a non-greasy skin lubricant and chamois cream that would wash out of clothing and off skin with soap and water. And so, Chamois Butt’r was invented. To begin with it was available to racing cyclists on a very limited basis. In 1997 Chamois Butt’r was introduced to consumers and retailers. The popularity of Chamois Butt’r has been a key part of the success of Paceline Products.Paceline have two versions of their popular Chamois Butt’r cream – Regular and Eurostyle along with Buh-Bump, a unique, highly conductive electrode cream that allows users of heart rate monitors to achieve accurate and consistent readings at all times. Paceline have also launched Eurostyle Embrocation and Sports Wash for those colder days.

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